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“Project Runway” is a designing competition where a group of designers are pitied against each other while being challenged on various forms of clothing designs. The host/judge of this show is the beautiful Heidi Klum, with fashionable Tim Gunn as mentor, and the two other judges are Zack Posen designer, and Nina Garcia fashion editor of Marie Claire magazine.

On Thursday night’s episode, the 13 remaining designers were given the challenge of creating fashionable sleepwear and winner of this would have their creation mass produce in the Heidi Klum collection. Every challenge is important as the designers compete to win, the winner will receive a $100,000 to launch their own clothing line, a selection of sewing and embroidery equipment furnished by Brother and valued at $40,000, a lifetime supply of Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen, a 5-night star stay at Japan’s fashion center, and a 2018 Lexus NX. And on top of all this last night challenge will give the designer exposure on none other than Heidi Klum’s own line of clothing, consequently all designers hit the ground running hoping for victory and fully aware that Heidi would examine every detail of the designs with much attention.

Then it was time for the runway show and first up was Amy Bond’s design who presented a beautiful gown that seemed more appropriate for night out on the town, instead of sleepwear, it flowed and the pattern was elegant. Brandon Kee followed and he was the winning designer in last week’s challenge and last night produced a garment that was average and fun. Margarita Alvarez was next and her design was perhaps obvious with a nice color ensemble. Claire Buitendorp continued the show, -incidentally this designer is the twin of another of the contestants in this show as well-, her design colorful screamed safe all over without major ado. Batani-Khalfani presented what truly epitomizes sleepwear with a touch of sexiness and eroticism in a lilac color. Michael Brambila was next and his design was innovative and creative in a beautiful two-color ensemble that flowed gracefully as the model sashed down the runway. Deyonte Weather followed and his design was not impressive nothing to do with sleepwear, but rather as a badly designed outfit from someone without no idea of clothing. Aaron Myers whose viewpoint on design still linger somewhere in between odd and in poor taste brought a garment that would be very uncomfortable for sleeping and even dangerous due to the many stripes and neck restriction. Ayana Ife’s design was reminiscent of something before seen, however, not able to pinpoint exactly where and when that similar design was spotted. Shawn Buitendorp, -yes, Claire’s twin-, who was in the bottom on the previous two challenges produced a garment that was sophisticated with a subtle design and print that screamed elegant. Kenya Freeman who struggled throughout the entire design process brought out a design lacking in aesthetics and comfort, not something at all that would be worn for sleeping. Kentaro Kameyama who was in the bottom last week, this week upped his game and produced a sexy and comfortable design in a beautiful and subtle print. Samantha Rei design a garment that was neither bad nor good, just safe and predictable.

Will not be a spoiler for those that have not watched the show, nevertheless, would love to hear opinions on these designs and on the personalities in this reality show. “Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

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