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It is known that during political campaigns, candidates will make promises, stretch the truth, perhaps even exaggerate, and yes lie. However, Trump, seems to have embraced these foibles of deceit. Even the promises he made to his support base were misleading and not come to fruition, in other words the majority of pledges and assurances he made, have become obvious deceptions, voiced at the moment because it was the appropriate thing to say just to get votes.

And there was a question before as to why would anyone support a man who talked down to POWs stating that he preferred those that were not caught, in other words this statement meant it sound as though some had volunteered to be POWs, instead of it being a result from serving in a war zone. He then mocked a reporter with disabilities, then called people that come from Mexico as being rapists and criminals, he insulted the integrity of a Federal Judge stating this man of the law could not be fair in a trial due to his heritage in which he, Trump, was the defendant because of Trump’s criticisms of Mexicans and promise to build a wall to prevent illegal immigration. Trump then criticized and made fun of a Gold Star family who’d lost their son in the war, because of their religion and culture, and then a recording in which he, Trump, states he can grab women by their private parts because he is famous came to light and presented to the world to hear.

Trump is a man of thin skin, who talks a lot but does little. He instigates, exaggerates, and has no public speaking ability unless he is in the center of a rally, and his followers are present clinging to every single of his nonsensical words, which by the way is what this group of people enjoy hearing. Disjointed words degrading and criticizing those who disagree with him, a morbid and sick speeches talking against the media, belittling those who pointed out his errors, lies, and above all his not-yet-proven beyond reasonable doubt misconduct and impeachable association with a man and government that can’t be trusted and has always been if not an enemy of the United States, then at least not one to be taken at his, or its word alone.

The sad part is that those who support him still believe in this man of low integrity and respect, a man whose actions are not believable because his actions only show a man who is impulsive, who feels he is above and better than everyone else, who surely in private laughs at his support base because of their blindness and lack of common sense for seeing for what he truly is a liar, corrupt, and disrespectful man towards everything that is honorable, human, and worthy of consideration.

#Trump #followers #POW

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