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The time has come to address racism in America, something that is not part of a past in this country, or that happens in isolated and remote locations throughout the country; no, this is something that is taking place nowadays, right smack in the year 2017, in the 21st century. Yes, in a time of advancement and when robots are being built and we can communicate on cell phones, while we send a text, and also check our email, in spite of all this technological progress people are still being talked down to and rejected because the color of their skin. Hillary Clinton corrupt and dishonest, while he is facing hundreds of lawsuits from various people who trusted him in a business transaction, but instead were conned and deceived by Trump.

It is now inconceivable to have a president, that doesn’t call the issues by their name unless he is personally offended or his own uninformed opinions are disagreed with. A president who calls the media fake unless it is praising or excusing his own lack of decorum, diplomacy, or accomplishments of which there aren’t any unless of course you are speaking about creating division, attempting to ruin the climate, and insulting just about everyone.

There is a lot of condemnation of a growing group that stand against injustice, racism, and fascism, -Antifa-, a group that stands against these Alt-Right groups. However, no blame can be placed upon anyone group or anyone comment that is voiced, upon hearing the president being very careful not to blame a group that is preaching divisiveness and hatred. No one can be silent upon hearing such outrageousness, and whomever does defend the president or remain silent thus somewhat agreeing with injustice; then that one person should reexamine his or her own values because they are in opposition to what is just, human, and respectful.

#Antifa #racism #bigotry

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