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The current situation in the United States was obvious and not surprising to many, who before the election saw the then candidate Trump speaking bluntly, and insulting everyone who disagreed with him. But there were those who ignored the symptoms of the illness about to befall this great nation, and now like those who avoid a colonoscopy due to its invasive nature, now must deal with an illness that will be difficult to remedy.

Let’s be honest was there any hope of anything intelligent and good for our nation to be done by a man of little integrity, no respect, and a boundless arrogance derived from making money by defaulting many from their due as the many lawsuits filed against him, shows. The people that voted for him were either, outright racists and bigoted individuals who clung to his hateful and divisive rhetoric, or they just heard soundbites and blindly believed that this disgusting man would actually make them as rich as he is.

Yes, he is disgusting, and anyone who does not outright denounce any Alt-Right marches of those who feel that anyone who is anything other than white and heterosexual should be beaten and insulted; is just as repulsive and nauseating as the current president. And as Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter stated on CNN referring to the current president: “he, -Trump-, does not care to govern, he just wanted to be president to boast and augment his ego”. Yes, that is resounding and takes one back to the days before the election, when this ridiculous and absurd man, Trump, exaggerated, insulted a disabled reporter, insulted a veteran of the Vietnam War, Senator John McCain because he -Senator McCain- was a POW, and Trump rather likes those that weren’t captured, he made it sound as though Senator McCain had volunteered to be a POW…

What happened to us to elect such an embarrassment of a person? A man of no respect, integrity, or consideration for anyone.

We had a woman die at the hands of a white nationalist, a man who in reality has nothing of essence to say, has no foundation, and just looked for something to belong to and due to ignorance and lack of conscience joined a group of deplorable individuals, who believed that the solution to their miserable existences is by insulting others and following the teachings of those accused of genocide. The president rather than condemning those marching and professing hateful speech, instead put them on the level as those protesting those hateful words and tried to make sense of the inexcusable, but then again this is a man who was elected by a group of people who didn’t listen to his own hateful rhetoric, and now are raising their arms in despair and criticizing him for using hateful words, that in reality he used during the election and yet they voted for him.

The president of the United States is a despicable, dishonorable, disrespectful man, with little or no values at all, but what about those that voted for him, they are just as awful because they didn’t see that this is where he was headed to a place of division, where people are frustrated for lack of leadership, humanity, and intelligence…

#Trump #dictator #liar #despicable #SenatorJohnMcCain

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