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when someone among them speak of change, or grandeur, they recoil furrowing their brow dismissing that outspoken one with disdain, almost disgust.

Society is clearly defined and there is no one to question it, there are those who live in mansions, those who presumably are middle class, and low class. But those in the middle keep themselves away from the low class one paycheck at a time, anything less could mean no electricity, no water, no food.

And those high above don’t hide their contempt for the other classes, and with annoyance and disgust look down on those who have less than they, but knowing full well that they need them in order to sustain their high and mighty life styles. The middle snub those in the low, and those in the low keep looking down so they don’t trip on one of the many cracks on the streets. But this is not just in the nation’s capital, this goes throughout the entire country, a place where injustice is excused with words of self-pity and melodramatic displays of crocodile tears. Morbidity and cynicism is part of everyday life, one second they feel sorry for one just murdered and the next a joke rises for the same horrific deed, to bear witness to this madness and yet unable to comprehend, and no one to ask what it all meant often had bile rise up the throat and almost vomited over everything and everyone.

“What was this, what’d been done to deserve this inhumanity, these deplorable conditions that apparently led nowhere?” Mother use to do alterations and one day she asked me to come along, rode the bus for what seemed like an eternity, until the streets became wider and cleaner, at one point got off the bus and began walking along this wide sidewalk with impeccable front yards leading up elegant pathways towards large front doors. The beauty and cleanliness was mesmerizing how was this possible just a few miles away from that ugliness and dirt that enveloped everything like a mantel of spitefulness and desolation. It was a different world, something until then foreigner, how could such extremes be so close? This was unbelievable how could this difference be in the same city, who were these people that lived in those mansions, these huge houses of imposing architecture. Upon approaching the entrance to a home with large white pillars in the front veered through a walkway instead of taking the front steps and walked passed some trees and trash cans and knocked on a door.

A woman dressed immaculately in black and white livery opened the door and ushered in haste while giving a dismissing look of disgust. Stood in a large kitchen where everything had a place and everything was in its place, everything was spotless and a fresh smell reigned. The tile floor was impeccable, and the smell of clean and pure lingered nothing like the stench of gas and crap that enveloped everything back there. Finally walked

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