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I am a believer in the ability of the individual to achieve greatness beyond his wildest dreams. I believe that any reliance on higher powers or afterlife bliss, is a self-deception just to maintain in a status quo, that despite lacking fulfillment or happiness is a good excuse on which to base our own lack of ambition, or gumption to pursue that which we long to own.

I wrote this as I sat across from the bed at my desk watching her sleep, I met her at the coffee house I frequented, not just because I enjoy coffee, but mostly because very attractive women patronized the place, and there were some acquaintances with whom I enjoyed conversing from time to time. Diana and I had seen each other the night before, however, after many shots of Gin and more than one beer I was under no condition to speak to anyone, barely made it home for that matter...Therefore seeing her again was a coincidence, she was there with this guy named Carl whom I've met a few times, never gave him the time of day, one of those people that cross our path, but don't cause an impression. She glanced down the street and smiled looking at Carl after noticing me walking towards them, I shook Carl's hand and nodded my head at her, then took the seat that was offered.

This is Los Angeles, Melrose Avenue two blocks east of La Brea, seating outside a coffee house, the closest one could ever get to a bohemian life style back then. Wine had been replaced by coffee, romanticism by ambition, style with attitude, and sex is still a driving force to all; specially, in this city where the most gorgeous women in the world can be seen. Beautiful women from all over the world, or Americans who nevertheless, through a mix of different cultures have come to form exotic looks that leaves anyone mesmerized. Open mindedness, arrogance, insecurity, lust, indifference, abounds if you have the money you flaunt it, and if you don't you have it, you still pose as if you're swimming in it...

I sat across from Diana and exchanged smiles as I flirted with my eyebrows by raising them up and down quickly which depending on the circumstances could be taken as joking, or as in this case an immediate attraction.

“We were just talking about how in the bible they talk about knowing someone, but in reality, it is in reference to sexual desire”, she didn't mince with words, it came as no surprise since she was European, born in Spain and currently residing in Germany where her soon to be husband lived, but she had decided to take a trip on her own before their wedding.

'Yes”, I agreed, “the bible is just a big metaphor as to how life should be lived, it isn't so much about the tangible existence of a higher being that created all, but instead a state to which we all should strive to reach, and the power within us all to accomplish said plateau”

And she smiled delighted, and just then Carl stood and went inside. Common sense and tact are the essence of every situation and it comes with that innate sensitivity that arises from those who delve in the arts.

“I would love to get to know you”, I smiled.

“Here”, she asked smiling and pretending surprise.

“I live right up the street”, as I stood and took the seat to her right and reached over and whispered in her ear about her beauty as I smelled the sweetness in her long dark curls and my hand caressed hers resting on the table. It never ceases to amaze how much can be experienced in a few seconds as long as the senses are alert and we remain one with our desires, words, and feelings.

“What about Carl”, she asked slightly turning while looking at my lips.

“He knows where I live”, I said and kissed her, and she surrendered to my passion by reaching for me and returning a desire that foretold of immense pleasure, and I lowered my hand to her lap and over the thin fabric of her skirt felt the softness of her thigh and she moaned into my mouth. Then while kissing her cheek, I said let's go and after informing Carl of our departure we rushed to my apartment.

“You are so beautiful”, I said to her as I reached for her on the landing of the stairs leading to my apartment and we kissed hard as my hands cupped her perfectly formed buttocks and she again moaned into my mouth and buried her face in my neck as I reached up and felt her skin underneath the short sleeve sweater.

We stumbled into my apartment and while kissing and fondling each other we managed to reach the bedroom and upon falling on the bed, slowly we began to undress each other. Nothing is more majestic than enjoying a woman's beautiful and mysterious body, to explore every inch of her with touch and taste, to succumb to her sweetness and to wallow in her softness and delicate mounds of femininity, while tasting the folds of her desire and in my hands, feel her heat and sweat as she works herself into my kisses and tongue.

Two hours later we were back at the coffee house, where Carl sat along with Mario, this last one we shared many conversations and joked about each other, if we couldn't find any other topic that amused us. Diana went back to Germany two days later and to this day don't know, if she married or not...


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