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Yes, indeed a new season of “Big Brother” has begun and consequently the attitudes of houseguests who compete for $500.000 million grand prize for the one guest not evicted after 3 months of living in a house with others they have never met, and while they’re every action and words are being recorded. Some of these participants will become fan favorites and their game play that above all requires lying, deceiving, and manipulating, will either be exemplary and lead them to a victory, or contrary will cause them to be found out and by others perhaps more cunning and caused them to be voted out of the house.

And who might these people be? Well that is always fun, to see which ones to cheer for, and which ones to despise and hope they are voted out sooner than later: Alex, a wannabe something who based on her short bio has many hobbies, however, no particular career or essence in character. Jason, a rodeo clown whose attitude does indeed resemble someone who anyone with any character would not to be associated with. Christmas, a body builder who more than just training apparently is an overachiever, or maybe just believes she is and a name that is bordering on the ludicrous. Kevin, a father of 7 who talks and acts in a creepy manner, his entire demeanor makes one wonder when is he going to just go off the deep end. Dominique, ironically a nuclear engineer who is into religion to the point of fanaticism, consequently troubling. Then there is Mark, another body builder who apparently lives in the gym and believes that his good looks will not only get him a girlfriend, but also the grand prize. Elena, is the next member of the first group to enter the house, a radio personality from TX, who based on her own words can be outspoken without a filter and might wind up upsetting others, maybe she already started to annoy of those watching. And then finishing up this group is Ramses one who apparently refuses to grow up out children’s toys and thinks that his loud, overbearing, and obnoxious behavior will get him the grand prize; unlikely, then again who knows in this game.

Then comes the next group of 8 that will round up a total of 16 houseguests, first up, Cody a gun totting, apparently control freak who thinks he has the mental power and acts as though the world should bow before his own self-proclaimed greatness. Raven, who owns a dance studio and portrays herself as someone who is a friend to all without a mean hair and believes in paranormal activity…Josh from Miami, a loud and wannabe popular 23-year-old who thinks that because he is loud he has one up on everyone, can anyone say lack of maturity. Megan, who according to her was an interrogator during her stint in the military and thus believes she will read everyone like a book and perhaps control them as a master puppeteer, hilarious indeed. Cameron who is a scientist and because he biked 600 miles believes he is a hunk of a man capable of mastering anything and everyone. Jessica, a girl from CA who has no real game, but believes her looks will carry her into winning the grand prize because she is just that attractive, or so she believes. Matt, perhaps the most down to earth and not from the get go openly obnoxious and entitled person in this house. Jillian from Las Vegas who believes she is a master manipulator because she sells real estate and perhaps she would benefit from winning, because after her intro and how she spoke of those who buy from her, she might not have a profession to fall back on, if her future clients recognize her and her words.

And to the surprise of many a temptation came up for a houseguest to unanimously accept $25.000, but unleashing some form of consequence, well Kevin took the money and unfortunately this brought a suppose fan favorite from last season, Paul, who is perhaps one of the most annoying people in the history of this game, who talks too much, shakes his head too much when he talks, and believe himself not only attractive despite a face full of hair, but also a master at convincing others of his friendship. And by this one returning, it meant that one of the other 16 would be evicted after only a few hours in the house, and the first victim of this season of surprises was Cameron, yes, the self-proclaim brains, athletic, and social master…

“Big Brother” runs at 8 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday on CBS.


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