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A new season of “America’s Got Talent”, and for those that have not watched it, do give it a chance because it is hilarious, humbling, mesmerizing, and yes indeed, at times embarrassing, -not because of the format itself-, but due to some acts that come over hoping to win a $1 million-dollar prize and a highlight show in Las Vegas, being far from interesting, fascinating, and lacking talent.

The stories behind some of the contestants are inspiring and heart wrenching, where human resilience and unwavering desire to succeed is obvious in the struggle that some of these creative individuals go through to perfect their craft and achieve a dream. The judges are Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell; their dynamic add to the entertainment in this show, along with the new host Tyra Banks who interacts with the contestants before and after their auditions and whether good or bad, she always manages to maintain high spirits and leave the contestants happy and sure of giving their best. But for those who on the other hand bring the audience to their feet and judges applauding and clapping, there is the gold button that can send contestants straight to the live shows where America will decide week after week for their favorite performers; only five acts can receive the golden button that is reserved one for each of the judges and one for the host.

On these early stages of the competition acts are chosen to move forward into the live shows, and once there America will vote week after week for the act that is their favorite; consequently, the one with the least votes will in turn be eliminated. It is funny at times and at others annoying that some acts are moved forward only because they are so absurd that they test some of the judge’s likes and dislikes and even the audience just cheers because the particular defies any measure of strange and ridiculous.

The true measure by which to judge these acts is by asking oneself if one would pay while in Las Vegas to watch the specific act for an hour at least. Acrobatics acts perhaps are the ones to whom this concept applies best, how many times can a person watch another flipping, twisting, and pushing before viewers get tired and request a variation. Other acts that might fall under this same opinion are those involving animals, more often than not, dogs. Yes, they walk on their hind legs, jump through hoops and perhaps line up in an orderly fashion, however, mesmerizing these acts are not and worthy therefore taking away a life changing price from others with voices that move those who hear it, or dance with heart and soul rhythmically telling a story, or those who might play an instrument, or someone whose magic leaves everyone in awe, overall so many others who truly are talented and worthy of being watched over and over again and thus receiving the applause and accolades that come along with winning such a competition.

“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 8 EDT on NBC.


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