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The former director of the FBI testified under oath before Congress. And he was direct on his testimony relating to meetings he had with Trump as president elect and later as president.

When he speaks about Trump not being investigated and clearing him up to the time when he was fired, then, all Comey's critics including Trump express he is telling the truth, however, when it comes to other matters that depict the current president of what he truly is a corrupt and lying individual, then, those who before said Comey was truthful now turn against him and say oh no, he is making all those allegations up.

Do these people including the president realize how ridiculous they sound? Does the president realize that he is not a good liar and his body language and denials, are clear examples of a man who is trying to deceive and his strain posture shows he is tense and uncomfortable clear signs of a liar?

The president has lied about crowds, about people cheering as the Twin Towers collapsed, he has been caught lying and has come to the point when only those who are blind and only listen to their own delusional thoughts, believe anything he says.

It is obvious that this administration especially it's leader Trump is on a downward spiral and day after day digging the hole he is in deeper by being defiant and speaking as though he doesn't have to answer to anyone. Well yes, you do, you have to answer to our questions and when you are found guilty of obstruction of justice and just about anything else you have done wrong; you will be impeached, embarrassed, and shown to the world as the liar, corrupt, and dishonest person that you really are.

The questions are asked, who is more believable, Comey or Trump? Well based on who has been found of lying more often, the answer is Comey. This man has an impeccable reputation, as a prosecutor, and as the leader of the FBI and has the respect of those he worked with and led. Whereas all we know of Trump is that he refuses to release his taxes, has praised a leader, -Putin-, who is a tyrant and whose regime has raised questions of how those who oppose him have been dealt with. Trump tried to implement a travel ban from countries where no known terrorists have come, however, visited and made a deal with Saudi Arabia the same country that gave birth to those who brought down the Twin Towers. This president is a disaster, as a speaker, as a leader, as a human being, he had nothing important to say, nothing of essence to accomplish, the only problem with him being ousted from the White House is that Mike Pence, the current Vice-president will assume power and this man also is someone to not trust and keep an eye on because of his archaic beliefs and apparent desire to deal with the country as though we were still in the 1940’s.

#JamesComey #Trump #FBI #Congress #SaudiArabia

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