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On Thursday the 8th of June, former director of the FBI James Comey is supposed to testify before Congress on conversations he had with president Trump. And to believe that Comey is going to spill the beans and say the truth behind the corruption that is rampant in the White House, is to say the least; unlikely.

Why is this unlikely? Because based on what has been heard so far, the result of such would be impeachment of the president and charges of obstruction and collusion brought up against several members of his cabinet. Can this country afford such a scandal? Will the president being a man who refuses to lose regardless, allow another to bring him down from his pedestal built on lies with the Russians assistance?

This will widen the divisiveness throughout the country, those who are against the current administration will celebrate anything that underlines the corruption and wrongness of the Trump administration that week after week gives new reason as to why the majority of Americans disapprove of it. And then there are those who support the current administration and blindly believe what the president and Fox news tells them, and that is that the media, the left, the

Democrats, the Tooth Fairy, and just about everyone has a problem with the president and lies are being spread to downplay the suppose magnificent work he is doing. -When they can actually give an account of this favorable deeds, it is without doubt that everyone would like to see them-.

But for those who have an open mind and watch all angles of the current administration, it is obvious that the United States has become the punchline for jokes throughout the world, anyone with any sense would not want to be associate with a man who lacks honesty, respect, and any sense of diplomacy. A man who pushes other world leaders out of the way so that he can be in the front, a man who praises known dictators throughout the world that are guilty of crimes against humanity, and infringe on their citizen’s rights by force, a man who has openly compared the United States to another man who has assassinated his critics and who also oppresses its citizens.

Now does anyone want this type of man to be ousted and brought down from his depraved, corrupt, and disgusting pedestal, yes, absolutely. He won the presidency only because that man who is now poised to speak against him, committed the blunder of speaking about newly discovered evidence of perhaps wrongdoing on the part of his opponent during the election, and at the end of it all, it turned out that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing, but the damage was already done.

It is obvious that he is confused and does not know if he is coming or going, he is not making deals that will help America in the long run, no, he is making deals and forging friendships with those who will benefit his business, he is not trying to better or alleviate the everyday American worker, no, he could care less about those who will not benefit his real estate empire…unless of course he needs that vote or voice of approval, and well if that person listening is delusional and doesn’t read the writing on the wall and look at the deliverer of the message and not just the message, then sure Trump is received favorably, but those who see the man for what he truly is a liar, who is unable to formulate a complete sentence without embarrassing himself, and making those around cringe in expectation of some blunder or stupid comment, yes, these people want to see this man impeached and humiliated as a payback for the insults he has hurled at others who have spoken against him.

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