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It is troubling that after all this time, we are faced with a reality that perhaps we ignored, or we didn’t see. But if one thing the last presidential election told us, is that racism and disrespect is alive and well and even worse it is in large numbers enough to elect a man who has no class, respect, or integrity; to the presidency.

And why has this become so clear? Well let’s see, a man who stereotyped and singled out an entire race as being involved in terrorism was elected, without taking that horrendous words into consideration. A man who made fun of a handicapped reporter was nevertheless upheld as being one who would lead this country into a better place, really? A man who spoke about grabbing women by their genitals was nonetheless given the authority to lead the most powerful nation in the world. By these clear voices and examples can we honestly say that racism doesn’t exist? That respect for those who are different is in the heart of most? Can we raise our heads high and declare that women are respected and upheld in a position of equality by most?

No, those who voted for Donald Trump cannot hide behind their words that they were hoping for a better America, no, they can’t hide behind the belief that this man would do anything good for them or anyone else, other than himself and his billionaire friends. Because anyone who has those opinions of others as previously mentioned, can never be expected to do anything worthwhile or be worth the respect of others who believe that we must judge a person based on their actions, not on what they look like, where they were born, what their gender is, or what illness they may suffer.

We must hold those who voted for this man of low integrity, disrespectful, and based on current investigations perhaps even corrupt; otherwise, why would there be such investigation going and so many unanswered questions regarding possible collusion between him, -Trump, his campaign, and those close to him-? How could anyone in their right mind, expect that this sort of person would care about their healthcare, when in reality he expressed his desire to do away with the coverage they currently had and replace it with something else as long as it had nothing to do with the previous administration.

No, people need to accept the error they made and find the reason for which they elected this man who only deserves to be mocked, disrespected, and insulted for his own ignorance, lack of sense, respect, and diplomacy so much needed to be considered a man of the people and a leader that would resolved problems, rather than creating them, or as it his happening nowadays, creating new ones and not resolving old ones.

#DonaldTrump #stereotyping #healthcare #presidency

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