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The newly elected president, -Donald Trump-, run a campaign blaming his opponents and the then president -Barrack Obama-, of breaking the law and being liars, who deceived everyone and were never held accountable for their actions. Let us now fast forward and see how this not-very-honest-president is doing.

The current president is being investigated for collusion with the Russians, he has fired the F.B.I director who was investigating this presumed collusion. He fired the Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates who advised him of his then NSA advisor Michael Flynn of having ties with the Russians. This man has also not released his taxes and let those who elected him of his finances, he has insulted and dismissed those who speak against him. There is too much political correctness towards a man who has none, -Donald Trump-, has insulted people, so why won’t anyone come out and call him what he is, a liar and deceitful man who thought by being president of the United States he would be above the law and no one would question his actions.

Well no, Mr. President, you are not above the law, you will be held liable for all that you have done and all that you have tried to hide. Trump

called Comey, the F.B.I director you referred to as a nut-job, really! This unhinged man who relies on twitter to voice lies and divert the public’s attention from his deceitful ways, has called someone else a nut-job, when he himself cannot formulate a complete sentence without stumbling into words and sentence structure. A man who believes that by using exaggerations and hyperbole the nonsensical will suddenly be a moment of enlightenment for all listening.

This man refers to fake news, really, has anyone out there listen to Fox news, where a group of reporters refuse to see the truth and instead of using actual recordings of what critics have said of the president, instead give their own opinion as to how poor president Trump is being persecuted by liberals and always bring up Obama or Clinton who are no longer in the picture. These group of reporters who are supposed to present the news, instead take a stand against those who criticize the current administration, and yet they turn around and accuse other networks of being biased, when in reality the other networks are presenting the news as they come up and yes, this news present the current administration and president as being deceitful and far from transparent exactly because that is the picture they are presenting for all to see.

The current administration is just surviving day to day and hoping to do damage control for one issue and preparing for the next controversy to arise. The president is now on his first trip overseas and has now signed a treaty that involves selling arms to the Saudis, well one can only speculate as to where these arms will end up and by whom will they be used when sold in those parts of the world.

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