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We are in the 21st century, we are able to communicate in a device without cables and not plugged anywhere, while we can receive messages at the same time, play a game, and even take pictures; and in spite of all these advances, there are those who continue to believe in make believe beings that watch over everything and everyone. But we must keep in mind that those educated individuals who slap their chests and profess they are bringing the word of that higher being, are in reality preaching to masses who will cling to anything that includes others so that they won’t feel lonely and thus will blindly believe whomever has the authority and gull to stand up and speak their minds, especially when it involves and easy subject that promises a reward upon oblivion overcoming.

Those preaching also know that this is quite a profitable business, where money would be handed over freely by those worshi

ping and kneeling before a deceit born out of lack character and ambition. It is embarrassing and troubling to hear grown people speak of deity who judges all and who will hold transgressors accountable for their deeds. These absurd beliefs are what keep racism and prejudice alive and well, instead of having everyone united for a common cause while in the one place we will ever know and where we will be judged based on accomplishment and legacy left behind.

This fanaticism, has driven people to burn others alive, has given false hope of reward to a group of men flying planes into buildings, has empowered another group from a different religion to protect criminals, -child molesters-, who feel they are above the law because of the robes they wear and their positions in a hierarchy that preaches love and respect, but in reality, it is the last thing they give.

But this hope for an afterlife is born out of fear, fear of not being anymore. We are vain and we refuse to accept that after experiencing life, this could go on without us not playing a part in it or acknowledging, kind of being left out or not invited to a social get together and taking in on the festivities. However, due to this self-deception of a future reward we are allowing and condoning atrocities that should be stopped in their tracks now. Why not help people understand in underdeveloped countries that bringing more children into their world will not assist them in curing the famine raving their land? Why not explain to them that they are adding fuel to a fire which will consume it all before it douses itself out?

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