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It is laughable that upon the GOP revoking ACA, people went up in arms protesting this action from the party of conformism, archaic, and divisive principles. And this behavior begs the question, why are these people, who gives them the right to protest this revocation from their party when the current president whom they voted for, made that promise during his campaigning, he assured the public he would repeal and replace ACA, -or as the mundane term goes Obamacare-. Didn’t these people listen to Trump, the loud mouth, disrespectful, and no sense Commander in Chief.

This is all an example of the prevalent ignorance of most who don’t listen, but just assume that because a man has not been in government then he will do a good job, or maybe because his opponent Hillary Clinton an extremely intelligent and capable woman nonetheless, did not divorce her husband president Bill Clinton when it was discovered that he had an affair with an intern as he served as president?

The details of this new Health Care Bill are slowly being explained, but one thing is sure, those making less than $40.000 a year will pay more for insurance, whereas those with more money will get tax credits that will assist them in paying for insurance. Does anyone see a pattern here of unfairness and scratch-your-head in confusion? It goes to show that the current administration caters to those in the middle and upper classes, and those who are blinded by their own stereotypes and prejudices will pay the prize for voting for a man who does not care about anything except signing executive orders and showing them off in a pitiful display of self-congratulatory stupidity. A man who is self-centered and does not care about anything except himself and bottomless ego.

There is hope that come mid-term elections in 2018, the downfall of the current administration will begin, when those archaic individuals who now disrupted the lives by attacking the health coverage of many, will be ousted from their posts, and following this in 2020 order, sensibility, intelligence, and class will be reinstated in the White House.

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