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It is mindboggling and disturbing to see a man who in reality has nothing to say be revered so by so many; just as the Pope of Roman Catholic Church is followed and teachings taken to hart by masses. Throngs of people following the mandates written in a book, without any proof, except the self-serving concept of faith. Belief in something that no one has seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled, as science teaches is the way by which to prove the existence of something.

It is disturbing when people abide by such outlandish beliefs and we witnessed atrocities committed in the name of these deities that were created by desperate and lonely people, to disguise their deplorable conditions and deceive themselves into a reward when oblivion arrives which in reality is the end of that being period.

Why is it so difficult for people to accept that the now is what matters, that what they live behind is for others to enjoy, that the reward or punishment is here and now, not later. There is no later upon the brain ceasing to process and the heart no longer beating. The reason for this avoidance could be fear of change, terror of going against what elders have taught, horror of being repudiated by friends, family, and finding oneself alone. Let’s be honest nothing scares people more than being alone, not being part of a group even if it means listening to nonsense and laughing with people we much rather slap, because we find them annoying and we don’t agree with most of what they say; but then again, we lie to ourselves once again with another cliché we must accept our friends despite their flaws, and family is always family, even though they may have been unfair, callous, and outright abusive to us as we were growing up.

There is a refusal for growth by allowing errors from the past to stymie out progress. We, -the individual-, alone keeps itself from moving forward, by believing that the status quo will lead someplace different, which is what everyone before has believed, and yet there they are…

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