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A dangerous situation is arising worldwide, and what should put all on the alert is that in the USA due to an electoral college that doesn’t speak for the majority in the country a man was elected who is unstable, has made racist remarks, has mocked individuals with disabilities, insulted families whose children have lost their lives defending their country.

Yes, we are speaking of Trump a man who has refused to reveal his taxes, who continues to benefit financially from his many businesses, who has spent millions vacationing back and forth to Florida more than any other president has done in their first 100 days. And not only this, but tax payer’s money has been used also to protectect his wife and son in New York.

The situation is ridiculous, this man is making a mockery of the entire country not achieving anything and yet continuously talking nonsense and exaggerating the irrelevant, making speeches in which he sounds like an illiterate person trying to convince people that they are intelligent and worthy of everyone’s attention. And then we hear that in France a presidential candidate Le Pen is one much favored by Putin, who is also a great supporter of Trump. And this should raise a flag, Le Pen promises to remove France from the European Union, and by this destabilizing this continent and with the United States being lead by a clueless individual we can only connect the dots and see how this all would favor Putin and his desire to surely destabilize all powers and perhaps commence a worldwide dictatorship.

Is this an exaggeration itself? No, dictatorships have risen slowly not from one day to the next, when those who walk around with blinders on and follow those who say what they want to hear without really paying attention to what is being done. And yet these go along just because they are being told about a past that can only be categorized at tyrannical, stone deaf to change, and skeptical of advancement.

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