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It is disgusting and troubling that we have such ignorance and stupidity being called the leader of the free world. A man who lies to the people, exaggerates, and deceives, and yet we all stand idly by complaining about his lack of sense and decorum.

And then we see supporters who still believe in this buffoon cheering him as once again he goes back to Florida, and us taxpayers pick up the tab for his weekly outings. His supporters are blind, and even more ridiculous are those who now complain about their health care costs going up and some even losing coverage, even though they voted for someone who campaigned on repealing and doing away with the Affordable Care Act; and these same people get offended when they are called ignorant.

I have always stated that if you voted for that individual without listening to his hateful rhetoric, you are a fool, but if you voted for him even after hearing his hateful and demeaning words then you are ignorant.

The new president is a joke and an embarrassment to this country, the whole world is surely laughing at us for electing a man who relies on twitter to attack adversaries, and makes up stories as he goes along just because he wants to...There are those who want us to believe that the newly elected president is doing as he promised, well yes, he promised in a roundabout way to destroy what was good in this country and previous administration had done, and that is exactly what he is doing.

It is obvious that the media is held to a certain standard and must abide by certain rules, but I claim that the current administration must be called what it is, a liar who enjoys making false accusations just to be the center of attention, and divert attention from his taxes and connections with Russia. The current president is a liar, a man who has no respect for anyone as it is clearly shown by his arrogance towards those who question him and dismissive looks as though what he states should be law. He was just a businessman, a businessman who by the way lost close a billion dollars in one year, now, anyone has such losses while leading a business without question would be quickly replaced.

The current administration is doing away with programs that help the needy, the children, the elderly, and we are all just watching and knowing that by the time we get to the 2018 elections, when hopefully we will make it a Democratic majority in both Senate and House, there still is danger that this country might find itself and a dire situation, because the current administration is not doing anything to better the country, he is only playing to his ego, vacationing every weekend to Florida, spending tax payers money on his back and forth, while we also pick up the tab for securing his home in New York where wife and child reside.

What in the world is wrong with us, that we allowed such outrageousness and outright stupidity to be making decisions that affects us all?

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