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It is a sad time in our nation nowadays, when we have a president that insulted many during the primaries, accused his opponent during the election of lying, -while insulting just about everyone else that disagreed with him-, breaking the law, and consorting with special interest groups, and now, as he sits in office lies right before the cameras, goes back on promises made during election, and has named for his cabinet members of those groups he blamed his opponent for being chummy with.

Time after time, Trump, by his own doing finds himself being called out on what he blamed others for doing. Bill Clinton spoke for a moment to then Attorney General and according to Trump this was dishonest because Hillary Clinton was being investigated, and now what was found out he did? One of his most trusted cabinet members General Flynn had to resign because of his talks with the Russian Ambassador regarding sanctions. Next, he promised to protect the LBGTQ community, what did he do now? Overturn the right of the individual to choose the bathroom they most identified with, a right instituted by President Obama.

Trump has refused to release his taxes, is it because he isn’t as rich as he claims to be? Or because he has not paid taxes in many years and he should have been doing it? Or because he owes much to the Russians and this would create a conflict of interest since he thinks so highly of Putin, -a dictator and proven assassin of his opponents-? Or, is it because he wants to make America his own private bank to support his many deals.

The media has to be polite to this man, I don’t, Trump needs to be called what he truly is, a liar, deceitful, who is preaching to a base of supporters that refuse to see the truth and are blinded by this man who cannot finish a sentence without exaggerating and or lying. He accuses the media for lying and making up statistics, then turns around and try to feed the nation with made up facts and statistics that he perhaps dreams up.

He has insulted minorities, women, he has talked down to individuals who questioned his intentions. Has he done anything worthwhile since taking office? No, he has not…He praised the director of the FBI because this released unsubstantiated accusations or raised doubt regarding some emails that were found regarding Clinton, and with that apparently won him, -Trump-, the election. However, now that same director is investigating reports of members of the White House being in touch with Russian officials, and so now that man that was praised is now being deceitful and unable to do his job, according to Trump himself.

There can only be hope that the great majority of people in this country see this administration for what it truly is; a joke. And at the head of it all a delusional man whose ego forbids him from realizing that he is living in a fantasy world where everyone should praise him and respect him, something that will not happen, he needs to realize instead that we are watching him and his cronies and when proof of his and their dishonesty is found out the full weight of the government and judicial law will fall on their heads and this country will again regain the respect it deserves and intelligence will reign while ignorance, racism, xenophobia, and hate will be sent back down the hole it crawled out of…

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