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'America's Got Talent:' Outstanding Acts

Last night on “America’s Got Talent”, the first semifinal took place and 11 acts gave it their all in order to get America’s vote and thus move on to the finals, and one step closer to winning the grand prize of $1 million and a contract to perform in Las Vegas.

The night began with “Sal Valentinetti” and although his audition was outstanding, his act that highlights a type of singing from back in the day of Dean Martin, Perry Como, and others, just doesn’t seem plausible in this day and age. Next up was “Blake Vogt” a fascinating magician who in previous performances has wowed the judges, audience, and viewers with his illusions that leaves everyone wondering if his mind goes beyond the normal, however, last night his performance although intriguing still fell flat and did not leave viewers wanting more.

Then came “Edgar” a trio of mother, father, and daughter whose previous performances’ been great, however, last night they truly gave it all and they left the entire audience on their feet applauding for what can only be categorized as fantastic. “Lori Mae Hernandez” was next and this is a 10- year-old girl who has made everyone laughed and left all speechless for being such a young person that nonetheless, has the maturity to stand before such a huge crowd and before cameras and deliver such hilarious remarks and poke fun at judges and other celebrities, unfortunately last night she was amusing, but perhaps not so much as to oust other acts that came after.

Next up “Musicality” a diverse school group of young singers who until last night were inspiring and gave performances worthy of being on any stage, but last night perhaps the song choice didn’t do them justice, or the arrangement was not up to par, nevertheless, there is indeed a future for this act. “Deadly Games’ was next and this is an act of husband and wife performing death defying acts with knives, whips, and crossbow and arrow, an act that puts everyone on the edge of their seats, not because it is fascinating but because it is feared that soon the wife is going to get hurt. No, this is one act that hopefully will move on and not continue on this show that is not supposed to left viewers cringing, but instead mesmerized and fascinated.

Then came “Tapeface” a hilarious and beloved act of a man indeed wearing tape over his mouth and performing silly acts that nonetheless are hilarious because of his originality of not ever saying a word, instead looking at everyone with wide open eyes that speak volumes and expressions of surprise and confusion at what is being said. “Jon Dorenbos” was next and this is an illusionist that time after time has left everyone speechless, but last he was even better than before with an unexplainable act where the odds of him being right were slim and yet he guessed in advance what the judges would do this evening and where the footballs they threw would land. This was enthralling, mesmerizing and 100% fantastic.

“Grace VanderWaal” was next and this is a young singer who is praised for her young age and originality, but in truth just doesn’t seem an act worthy of winning the grand prize. “Malevo” was next a group of Argentinian men who dance at the tune of drums in a style originated in their native nation, it is loud, in-your-face type of act with lights shinning and fire burning something that epitomizes Las Vegas style, grand, loud, mesmerizing, yes, absolutely this act could very well take the grand prize and highlight in sin city. “Laura Bretan” closed the night and this is a 14-year-old with a soprano voice that resonates with power and passion that makes viewers feel what she is singing with a force that many trained performers would love to conquer. And to say that her performance was outstanding is not enough, this was a memorable act that without doubt will move on to the finals and once again indeed mesmerize everyone watching.

“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 8 EDT and the results will air on Wednesday at 9 EDT on NBC.

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