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Hello, my name is Igarin, and I will use this first post as an introduction and to give you an idea as to what type of writings you will find here.

First of all, let me tell you what I will try my hardest not to end a sentence in a preposition, even though, grammar rules have been updated and now it is permissible to do so…I personally find it disturbing, yes, I am old school, but I love technology and try hard to keep up with advances.

Therefore, keeping in my mind my aversion to prepositions signaling the end of a sentence, sometimes my sentences will be a bit longer than necessary. In advance, I apologize if this in any way offends the reader, or he or she finds it annoying.

I will use this platform to give opinions on pop culture issues, politics, national or international events, I will also post articles on reality television shows, (will try not to be a spoiler and if there is such I will warn readers in advance), I will also comment on dramas; regarding these two if I don’t comment on any one show the reader feels I should, then by all means send me a suggestion. I will also include some of my fiction writing, journal entries, and anything else that may can up through the written word which I adore.

It is above all not my intention to offend or alienate anyone with my opinions, if you disagree by all means I will appreciate your comments and feedback, I do however ask, that everyone be respected and let’s avoid any cussing or offensive language towards anyone.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Igarin

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